Proud Ancestry, Proud Posterity


As I sit perusing my own pedigree chart and family group records, I stumble across the name, William BRADFORD.  He is my 12th great-grandfather and former governor of the Massachusetts Colony who came to America on the Mayflower.  Like many of his descendants, I am both proud and humbled to be counted among his progeny.  His sacrifice and leadership were part of the foundation of freedom that many enjoy in the United States.

Looking back again at the pedigree, I begin to see much clearer what has made these pilgrims so revered.  It was not only the sacrifices they made to leave hearth and home in their mother country, but would it not also be at least in part because of the posterity who would descend from them?

I then glance at the family photograph of my wife and our children.  As I look at each one of them, I begin to see where the real claim to fame lies—within our children!  My wife and I have always tried our best to teach and provide support with love.  Thankfully, they have achieved much success in their lives and we are so proud of every one of them!

Could it be said that some of the greatness of our ancestors is realized from what the descendants may do?

What concerning your own ancestors and descendants are you thankful for?



I remember a time when I was quite young sitting in a chair reading a list of names and dates to my father, who sat nearby typing the information on the old Olympic brand long-carriage typewriter on large pedigree charts and family group sheets.

I also remember regular family meetings for both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family where genealogy was the topic of discussion and plans were made for the next move.  Truly my parents lived and breathed genealogy and as we participated in the work, we learned the importance of not only doing the research work of ancestors and relatives but also preserving the information.

Perhaps some of you have only begun doing your ancestral research, others may never have had the opportunity, others might not feel the need because someone else in the family does it, and yet others may have been doing it themselves since they were small.  I encourage everyone to involve themselves in genealogy, despite your experience with it.  Said by the famous Alex Haley the author of Roots, [genealogy] is an “…all-consuming desire like a fire that burns morrow-deep”.  You can learn a lot about yourself and your roots by making connections with your ancestors through genealogy.

Welcome to Ancestral Connections’ new blog.  This is the platform for us to begin a dialogue on genealogy.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, and come back often to contribute.  We look forward to conversing with you about our precious genealogy.  Thank you!

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